What are Beacons?

Beacons are devices that transmit a signal. Other devices (phones and tablets) listen for this signal and ‘wake up’ when one is detected and then use the data in the signal to calculate proximity.

Your iPhone, for example, will detect a beacon and then calculate that it’s near to or far from the source. If you’re in a store, your phone will detect you’re in the shoe department and you’re close to the running shoes. Based on this calculation, your app can then display a coupon or other piece of content.

  • They’re designed to be low energy and so they can run for a long time (beacons can last up to 2 years on a single coin-sized battery)
  • Being low-energy they’re also kind to the user. Unlike extensive GPS polling, for example, they don’t drain a user’s phone battery
  • They don’t calculate location – they calculate proximity. This means that instead of mapping a geographic location you can attach beacons to things that move or are moved
  • They work indoors (whereas GPS doesn’t work well inside)
  • Beacons are cheap, easy to install and last a long time
  • Unlike NFC, beacons work at distances that can range as far as 100 metres.




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What is WeBuzz?

The WeBuzz process is simple.

  1. Install your beacons in physical places.

  2. Using our easy to use software simply choose from the pre-defined list of actions and add an action to each of your beacons.

Sit back and enjoy while your customers enjoy contextual, micro-location based messages. You can now send contextual messages to your customers based on their location, indoors or outdoors. Giving you a whole new way to interact, entice and reward your customers. WeBuzz is a solution which uses BLE Beacons to create real world solutions for retail, healthcare, education, government and many other sectors. With our WeBuzz solution you can build your own custom interactions with BLE beacons without any coding knowledge. We have built a library of pre-defined events and rules which you can easily build into useful tools for your business. The options are limitless.

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Every now an then a new technology is created which acts as a catalyst for new possibility.
This is one such technology. Early adopters of this technology will be remembered.